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BiełAZWhen ten years ago Liebherr beat the Guinness record with its rigid-frame T 282 B hauler, nobody could have guessed that any manufacturer would be able to construct a dump truck with a carrying capacity above 230 tons. However, this record has just been broken – the BielAZ Company has presented the 75710 hauler.

The 75710 model has the following parameters: length = 20.6 m, width = 9.87 m and height = 8.16 m, and its wheels are 4 m in diameter. The single load capacity of the tipper amounts to 500 tons, being thus an unrivalled solution. In order to put a BielAZ hauler in motion, there are two 16-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engines, each with 65 litre capacity,
Their total power amounts to 4600 HP, while the maximum speed is an impressive 64 km/h. There is no need, however, to worry about meeting this giant vehicle on the road, as this tipper is used exclusively in mining.